Top 4 places should be in your bucket list while visiting Pakistan

How many of you are planning to spend your winters in Pakistan? Yes, we all know Pakistan is full of attractive places, but in this blog, we are going to let you know what top place you need to visit while traveling to Pakistan. All four seasons here would give everyone a great time to enjoy all with loved ones. Get to know here and do let us know what things you are going to add in your to-do bucket list this time.

Badshahi Mosque

Located in the center of Lahore and one of the most attractive places to visit. Lahore is an old city with historical buildings and fort. The best place to visit with family and to show the great history of all our ancestors. Impressive view of the inside walled city of Lahore is magnificent.

Hunza valley

This majestic place is one of the best spots to hang out with friends and family to relax and enjoy the natural view. People who want to explore the true colors of Pakistan then this place is best to visit in autumn. Public transport can easily take you there. Take out some time from your busy routine and prolong your stay to feel the real beauty.

Saif-ul-Muluk Lake

You may have heard about fairy tales from your granny in childhood. The calmness of this place attracts so many visitors. Sparkling snow of this frozen lake forms a beautiful reflection of the mountain. The beauty of this place will leave you fascinated. Nearby hotels and restaurants are overcrowded throughout the year. Don’t forget to visit this place which is an hour-long drive from Narran.

Shangrilla Resort Skardu

Have you ever heard about a few places which are known for heaven on earth? Shangrilla Resort in Skardu is one of those places.  Surrounded by fruit laden gardens and flower-filled place. The best place to spend your vacations here. The ideal time to visit this breathtaking place from March to November. Take a shuttle service from Skardu Airport. Pagoda restaurant, Snack bar, Rock lounge café, and mini zoo are one top places here. Majestic Shangrilla Resort in Skardu is one of the serene places.

These are the best places that we need to visit while traveling here. Above mentioned places have already stolen the hearts of several ones and if you are visiting this place very first time then note down these places.

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